Brazilian Bronze (for Men and Women)

A Brazilian Bronze is safe and healthy way to tan without any harmful sun exposure!

The active ingredients in Brazilian Bronze works with the amino acids in your skin causing a chemical reaction that causes your skins natural melatonin to turn brown. This occurs in the upper layer of the skin so that with natural exfoliation, your "tan" will fade in 5-7 days. This patented formula is delivered to your skin in a way that is different than other tanners - penetrating beyond the first layer of your skin. This is why a Brazilian Bronze tan stays on your skin longer - it goes deeper and lasts longer.

How long till I can shower?
12 hours

Can I exercise after my Brazilian Bronze?
It is best not to exercise right after an application because you might sweat.

How long will my Brazilian Bronze last?
With 2 coats it should last from 5-7 days, depending on your bathing habits.

Will it cause me to break out?
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